isotex health cbd

CBD Biomass

  • Multiple varieties of biomass ranging in CBD content from 6%-15%
  • Pelletized and hammermilled product available
  • Hurd and fiber available upon request for decortication and pelletizing for omega 3, omega 6, and amino acids
  • 5-gallon to 55-gallon buckets of pelletized hurd and fiber
  • Seeds available for oil, to be ground for consumable products
  • Seeds available in 5 lb to 50 lb bags from older harvests
  • General seed that has been grown and flowered
  • Feminized, special genetic seeds
isotex health cbd

CBD and CBG Flower

  • Hand and machine trimmed
  • Multiple Varieties of CBD Flower – from 6% EU Compliant to 28% .3 Delta 9 US Fed Compliant
  • Limited Varieties of CBG Flower – from 6% EU Compliant to 28% .3 Delta 9 US Fed Compliant ( limited CBG Distillate/ Isolate avail.)

CBD Products

  • Crude 60-85% CBD winterized, dewaxed and decarbbed
  • CBD distillate 80-97%
  • Pharmaceutical-grade CBD isolate at 99.5%+ WITH non-detect on THC
  • Delta 8 available based on specifications
  • Delta 8 with the Delta 9 separated out based on use or SOP
isotex health cbd

Licensed and Certified Cannabis Within the State of Oklahoma

  • Only available in Oklahoma with a license
  • Hand and machine trimmed
  • Indoor and outdoor varieties of Cannabis ranging in THC and terpenes (14%-42%)
  • Crude 60-85% THC Winterized, Dewaxed, Decarbbed
  • Distillate 80-97% THC
  • Keif/ Sift, Hash, Rosin/ Live Resin, Shatter Wax, Crumble Wax, Diamonds, Budder/ Badder, Pull/ Snap, Tinctures, THC Oil/ Honey Oil (BHO), Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Crystralines/ Isolates